5 Most Expensive Virginities Ever Sold

The world is a vast and undoubtedly expensive place to live in, in today’s generation. While money might not be a cause of concern for some people, but for most of the people in the world who work day and night to pay off their debts “Money is everything.”

In today’s world, almost everything can be bought and sold if you know the right person and as long as people have money, they are willing to spend it on anything which satisfies them immensely. Not everyone who has intercourse for the first time likes a person who has already experienced it before as some people like choosing purity over experience thus prefer virgins and are ready to pay off a ton of money just to get what they want. Thus the following are the world most expensive virginities sold ever.


1) Natalie Dylan

Natalie Dylan without fail tops this list as she is the only person in the world who has been recorded to sell her virginity for  $3.7 million which is probably enough to buy her everything she needs for a while. She was 22 years old when she sold off her virginity through Moonlight Bunny Ranch. She did this just so that the funding could help her pay off the amount for her master’s degree. She even went on tv shows to promote herself and in the end, she was able to pay off her massive student debt after which she even bought a beautiful house for herself.

2) Raffaella Fico

Raffaella Fico was a model and also a former contestant on the reality show Big Brother Italy in the year 2008 and this is what put her on the sight of everyone’s eyes. She sold her purity for an amount of $1.8  million in September 2008. With the money she made, she ended up buying a house in Roam and also used it to pay for her acting classes. According to some tabloids and whispers, the deal might have gone down for a lower amount, but all this does not matter as she used all the attention and publicity to boost her career and who is to say that it didn’t help her land the successful career that she has today.

3) Graciela Yataco

Graciela Yataco sold her virginity in March 2015 for a sweeping amount of $1.3 million in Peru which inevitably made her the centre of attraction of that year. She sold her virginity at the age of 18 but not out of greed as she actually did this to cover her mother’s medical bills. In reality, she was a model and only sold her virginity when a Canadian man asked her if he could be her first for an amount of $1.5 million and after negotiations, they came to a mutual standpoint of $1.3 million. She did get a ton of backlash from the society and almost backed out of the deal but seeing that her backout would leave her with potentially nothing, she went ahead with the arrangement.

4) Elizabeth Raine

Elizabeth Raine made her mark on history in March 2014 when she sold her V-card for a high price of $801,000. This US-based medical student not only did have a professional website which had details of her and the PR agency who was handling the bid, but also had a link to a site which showcased all the terms and conditions of the arrangement. She also had a clause which stated the rules of every action very clearly and also said that 35% of the money would be donated to a charity which helped women who require help getting the proper education in developing countries. One of her quote on the site clearly said that “ Love is not a part of this arrangement, it is only of a sexual and financial nature” now who is to disagree with a quote so strong.

5) Catarina Migliorini

Catarina Migliorini, a Brazilian born native, sold her virginity in October 2012 for a full price of $708,000. In reality, she tried to sell her virginity for a documentary called “Virgins Wanted” directed by Australian director Justin Sisley. She sold her virginity by posting an advertisement online and very soon a man named “Natsu” paid off the high price all the way from Japan. According to the auction site, the Japanese man had to face against three other bidders two being American and one Indian. On the day of the date, Catarina revealed that she was indeed a virgin and was only doing this to help build homes in the poverty-stricken places around the world.


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